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What can we say? We’re inspiring people. The Search Engine Marketing Scholarship Contest (part two) is well under way. Miss the deadline? No worries—Web Analytics World is running its own blogging contest that you can enter.

The topic for contest entries is “The Future of SEM.” The most-visited blog post (and I assume he means unique visitors here) will win a fabulous prize. Tell them, Rich:

  • A copy of Enquiro’s Eye Tracking Study (comparing Google vs. Yahoo vs. MSN) $298 Value
  • Autographed copies of Web Analytics Demystified and Web Site Measurement Hacks thanks to Eric Peterson.
  • A copy of Jennifer Laycock’s book: “Small Business Guide to Search Engine Marketing.”
  • A Pro MyBlogLog account donated by MyBlogLog
  • $50 Cash (via PayPal) and a post mentioning your website from yours truly at Web Analytics World
  • A copy of WSOP (designed for website load time optimization) donated by SoftLogica
  • more prizes to come later…

Want to give your entry a better chance? Learn from Marketing Pilgrim’s entrants:

  • Think before you write. Write down an idea, brainstorm, outline, and plan for at least a day before you start writing (a little tougher here, since the deadline for entries is one week from today).
  • A great title is a must.
  • Leverage social networks and your own website to drive traffic to your article.
  • Manoj also explicitly stated that SEO and PPC tactics are welcomed, so maybe a little keyword research first (but don’t be spammy!).
  • Edit, edit, edit your entry—and once you’ve done that, send it to someone you trust for more editing. No, it may not improve your chances of winning, but you’ll look smarter if you catch spelling and grammar errors beforehand.
  • Format your entry for online reading: short paragraphs and bulleted lists

Visit Manoj Jasra at Web Analytics World for more information on their blogging contest!

  • Where are the iPods, the Nintendo Wiis and that sort of marketing-pilgrim-like-make-my-day kind of prizes? Sheesh!

  • lol Dario, the prize there is already the traffic that it will generate to your site. However, those stuff you mentioned will give more motivation.

  • Well it’s really generating traffic to his site, but there’s nothing to stop you dropping a link back to your site.

  • Sorry guys, we don’t have the pull that Andy Beal does yet to get the HUGE prizes 🙂 Still hundreds of dollars worth of stuff to be won and I hope you will enter.

    Jordan are you going to submit an entry?

  • Jordan McCollum

    I’m not much of a prognosticator. I’m much better at regurgitating news and adding spin and opinion 😉

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