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Whatever You Do, Don’t Confuse ICrossing with iProspect

I’m not saying that ICrossing and iProspect are big competitors, but be really careful never to get the two confused.

It’s ok, I don’t think anyone noticed. ;-)

  • Marek

    WOW, that is amazing… how embarassing!

    Nice catch Andy!

    Marek (jazyfko)

  • alex

    hahaha, that was fun!! great catch!

  • AzAkers

    Wow… just…wow.

    It was bound to happen sooner or later – heh.

  • az_ironman

    Dude, that is worse than your dad calling your wife a former girlfriend’s name. . .

  • Brian

    I noticed…figured it was a mistake when I realized we hadn’t opened offices in Norway and Denmark quite yet.