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You should select the right social network for your marketing based on what outcome you’re looking for in a campaign. eMarketer can help with the results of the iProspect Search Marketer Social Networking Survey conducted by JupiterResearch.

Almost half of the search marketers surveyed had “proactively placed content” on social networking sites including, YouTube, MySpace and LinkedIn.

social networking sites used

How did they feel their efforts fared? Their responses were segemented by the site they used.

social network responses

How can you select the right social network based on outcome? According to these marketers, the best sites:

  • For driving traffic to a site were, Yahoo Answers and MySpace (with craigslist doing respectably, YouTube and LinkedIn further behind and Amazon dead last).
  • For building brand awareness were YouTube, MySpace and LinkedIn.
  • For influencing purchase decisions was Yahoo Answers.
  • For directly selling a product was far and away Amazon (of course), followed distantly by craigslist.

Social media marketing is all about targeting the right audience in the right medium. Make sure you have the right social network for the right strategy for your campaign.

  • Just a quick word of caution on the myspace advertising. It really depends on what you’re advertising. I know that seems obvious, but I find this to be more true with myspace than with other networks I’ve tried advertising on.

    It has to be really flashy and really geared towards the 18-28 crowd, ie, sex sells. It would be best if you could target your readers based on what groups they join, what music they post on their site, or what their interests are, but I haven’t found a way to do that on myspace.

    I’d be interested to hear some first hand knowledge on linkedin and I didn’t even think about delicious as a great source of traffic. I would’ve thought most of those users were interested in the articles that posted to the site and not adds.

    Good article though.


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  • The question should be, if it works: how to use it for your needs? Putting a simple page up on myspace and never going back again will not drive traffic , bring name recognization, or do much for your needs.

  • The right product or service on Myspace can send a flood of traffic but I have found that the generally younger surfers on Myspace are looking for something free. As we all know, it can be very hard to make money off of “free” surfers. Who really wants to fill their mailing list with under aged web surfers who have no income or means of purchase.

    Myspace has the potential to provide a very targeted audience but I see no move in that direction.

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