Posted May 29, 2007 1:33 pm by with 1 comment

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It’s been a while, but it seems Yahoo have finally got round to launching their new advertising platform in Great Britain. It’s been with our American cousins since Feb but it’s taken a while to migrate across the Atlantic.

At the moment it’s still in testing with selected partners but it shouldn’t be long before it’s available to all. For those of us using Yahoo for PPC in the UK it’s good news, the old system was getting pretty creaky but it’s unlikely to make a huge impact on the paid search market.

Unlike in the US, Yahoo’s share of the search market is no-where near Google’s and with no signs of a imminent swing in their direction. Google have a mammoth 79% share compared to Yahoo’s 8%, so for lot of PPC advertisers it’s hardly worth the effort of making the tweaks to a campaign so it Yahoo friendly. Though hopefully the new platform will make life a bit easier for those taking the time to stick with Yahoo.

  • Dear Sir,

    Interesting points you make over the market share of Yahoo SM in the UK, 8% I would have put it a little higher, however as a victim of Yahoo Upgrades I have to say the new system does NOT merit the work involved. Google Make it easy, Yahoo make it nearly impossible, now we no longer even know what a click is going to cost.

    Sorry, but to spend 3-4 hours week managing a single Yahoo account for 8% of the market share is unacceptable. I have stopped all Yahoo Marketing (£1000 plus a month) and will not be starting with Yahoo again unless they significantly go back to the drawing board.

    This comments I am sorry to say is a firm, no thanks, start again yahoo comment.