Posted May 30, 2007 2:47 pm by with 2 comments

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Yahoo’s Publisher Network has made the surprise step of introducing Paypal payments for those using their content network. Now as well as cheques, the publishers can have their ad earnings transferred directly into the eBay owned online money transfer service.

This was also good news for smaller YPN users who are only monetising relatively low sums from their website, as the new electronic payment method will pay out at the lower $50 threshold.

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I suspect it will be especially popular once YPN goes international, as it will save headaches for publishers cashing foreign checks and getting charged for payments in a foreign currency.

YPN has received praise/criticism in equal measure for its stringent application process, which seems to be doing a good job at ensuring the quality of traffic from their ads is much higher than their competitor AdSense. While still only available in the States, this increased flexibility with payments seems to be making a real play to advertisers disgruntled with Google’s AdSense product.