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Yahoo Photos Closing, Flickr Taking Over

Michael Arrington has news that Yahoo will today announce the closure of Yahoo Photos, favoring Flickr, which they acquired in 2005.

While Yahoo Photos is the largest photo sharing site on the web, Flickr has better features, a better community and is growing at a faster rate, so the move made sense for Yahoo.

If you’re worried about being forced to transfer your Yahoo Photo account over to Flickr, fear not. Arrington reports that you’ll have some choices.

If you are a current Yahoo! Photos user, you will be given the option to export all your photos into Flickr (a one-click process) or you will be able to export to a few other services such as Photobucket, Snapfish, Kodak Gallery or Shutterfly. Most of these services have built special tools to transition users, Butterfield said. Users will also be able to download full sized original photos, or order CDs and prints at a discount to the normal price. “We have no interest in forcing anyone to switch to Flickr” Butterfield said. “We want happy users.”

Honestly? I didn’t even remember that Yahoo Photos existed! I use Flickr a fair amount, so I think most people will be happy with the switch.