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When MyBlogLog first launched, the service brought promises of connecting blogging communities, and cool tools to make our blogs more visitor-friendly.

Unfortunately, MBL was a victim of its own success, growing so fast that it became subjected to spam and server-lag. I for one, lost interest due to slow loading plugins and management faux-pas.

Since Yahoo acquired the service, we’ve heard promises of new features and faster servers, but not much has materialized thus far. Now comes word via David Dalka, that Yahoo is planning a series of upgrades including:

  • Re-branding the service. No new name yet, but as MBL is still relatively confined to early-adopters, they would be wise to make use of the Yahoo name somehow. Perhaps, Yahoo Blog Communities?
  • A new site design.
  • Improving the web widget – let’s hope it’s a lot faster to load!
  • Removing spam and offensive content.
  • Improving options for toggling your visibility within the network.

There’s no timeline for the rollout, and Yahoo has indicated they’re looking for more feedback. So drop a note in our comments, with your suggestions for improving MyBlogLog.