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With Yahoo’s announced deal to provide display and video advertising to, comes two blows to Google.

The first is explained by “maverick” entrepreneur Mark Cuban

For the first time, an advertising monetization platform, such as Yahoo’s Panama, can be integrated into a NON internet video platform. When Comcast serves video from to its own high speed data customers, those are NOT internet customers. They are private network subscribers…in short, Yahoo and Comcast can start working together to develop video content and ad platforms that Google can’t touch.

It’s also another blow to the chances that Comcast will renew their search advertising partnership with Google.

  • Google’s taken some major hits so far this year… and I’m loving every minute of it. The more competition among the big 3 and search in general, the better off the internet and internet marketers will be. So, even though I’m not exactly enamored with Yahoo either, I think this deal is fantastic.

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  • I don’t know.. will Yahoo become the next google? 😀

    I like how yahoo is giving a go to google.. mind you I’ve always preferred google over yahoo.. but we’ll see what this brings..