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YouTube, EMI and Apple are all over the news today, linked together in different stories. For your reading convenience, I’ll bring all those stories together.

YouTube + Apple = better Apple TV?
Google and Apple announced a deal yesterday to make YouTube clips available on Apple TV. Just yesterday, CNNMoney/Fortune magazine was taunting Apple TV’s failure. The YouTube deal called to mind one of the harshest indictments from CNNMoney/Fortune:

Apple TV’s most highly touted feature is its weakest one: It requires an HDTV, but the video you download is so low-res that it looks as fuzzy as plain old broadcast TV.

And now you can use your HDTV to watch even lower res YouTube videos. I’m sure that’s just the boost Apple TV needed.

Maybe they just wanted to make sure the whole love triangle was represented.


Apple + EMI = DRM-free. No, really.
Apple iTunes has struck a deal with EMI to finally provide digital rights management-free music. For just $0.30 extra per song, you can copy and manage your music (and get a higher quality encoding).

Read more about the deal & its implications on CNET.

EMI + YouTube = Music Videos
EMI signed an agreement with YouTube to offer its music videos on YouTube. Reuters says:

In a statement, the company said YouTube users would be allowed not only to watch and play authorized videos and recordings from EMI artists, but also to incorporate elements of these videos in YouTube users’ own “user generated content.”

“With this deal, all four of the world’s major music companies are now official YouTube partners,” Chad Hurley, chief executive and co-founder of YouTube, said in a statement.


With these three media giants now so intermeshed, how will that affect things in their respective industries?

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