Posted June 5, 2007 3:27 am by with 1 comment

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Australian politicians are following the US example and going online in an attempt to win votes in this year’s federal election. This nation-wide election could see a new Prime Minister as head of state, and politicians on all sides are looking for innovative ways to speak to a “younger generation”.

We have watched the US politicians go online with blogs and other social media with interest. The high profile Aussie politicians have finally recognised the potential of social media as a tool to engage with potential voters – they are expecting to make a big impact online this year. The use of various Web 2.0 interactive elements, such as videos, messaging and music is expected to draw a younger voter base.

It will be interesting to see how the Australian public responds to this new way of communicating with their potential leaders, and how much impact this will make on voter’s decisions.

  • I was in Australia and I saw politicians quite often even more than in my country. The Ozzie goverment is young and open to people so I am surprised that they are slower than US. I would say that US politicians will be more conservativ.