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UPDATE: Don’t know how I missed this, but GA has also been taken out of beta and old reports will be taken down July 18.

If you request it, they will come–Google Analytics features, that is. The Google Analytics Blog announces today the premiere of new features, including features requested by Danny Sullivan, Avinash Kaushik and our own Andy Beal.

Among the new features:

  • Hourly reporting (Andy’s advice, as well as others)
  • Clickable URLs (Danny’s request)
  • A decrease in Bounce Rate, formerly highlighted in red, will be highlighted in green (since that is a goal for most of us, yes?) (Avinash’s suggestion)
  • More search engines

There are lots more new features covered in the GA blog, but here are a couple screenshots of the new features:

Clickable URLs (on the Top Landing Pages report; the arrow points to the link that will take you to the page on your site):
clickable urls in google analytics
There are also clickable URLs on referring sites and other reports.

Hourly reporting (below the fold on the Pageviews for All Visitors report located at Visitors>Visitor Tracking>Pageviews; the arrow points to the toggle):
hourly reporting in google analytics
Note: this data is not for Marketing Pilgrim

Other features include more data per page (up to 500 instead of 100) and better AdWords integration.

Now go play with your lovely, lovely data. I know I will!

  • Clickable urls was also one of my requests. The problem was i haven’t able to report my requests.

  • I noticed the clickable URLs the last time I logged in, but completely missed the rest of the new changes. They all look good. I always wondered why the bounce rate colors weren’t the other way around.

  • Wow, nice to see Google implementing feedback and giving a link in the process. I wonder if they’ll take requests on the anchor-text. 🙂

  • It is good to see Google responsive to their user’s needs. These new features make Google Analytics results easier to disseminate to the higher-ups.

  • I would like to see a Desktop Tracker in the Reinvigorate Snoop style. Must say, its addictive.

  • Since Google is moving toward better integration with Adwords, a great feature will be to provide referer details for each click where the referer is missing or intentionally hidden. I find that an avg. of 15% of all clicks are missing referer information on client accounts.

  • Although I’m a huge advocate of Coremetrics, you’ve got to love Google Analytics (especially for the money). v2 is a great analytics package and these latest features add to its power. Google moved really fast on the changes too!

    For those interested, the latest upgrade from Coremetrics really raises the bar (using first click, avg click, and last click to accurately show you revenue across channels.) You should see what those changes did to our numbers! 🙂

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