Posted June 22, 2007 10:49 am by with 6 comments

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I get a lot of email from companies asking me to feature their service on Marketing Pilgrim. As you, and they, hopefully appreciate we simply can’t feature everyone that asks. That said, when I received a curious message from Kevin Sherman, with an invite to view a message, I was somewhat guarded. After first checking that it wasn’t a virus, I clicked on the provided link. To my surprise, I found Kevin Sherman pop-up in a bubble on my screen, greeting me with a personalized video message. That’s one way to get my attention!

Kevin wanted to introduce me, and you, to Bubble Guru, a service that allows you to record brief videos and add them to a page. These videos then appear in small “bubbles” on the page, either automatically or when a link is clicked, and allow you to share a brief video message with your visitors.

Bubble Guru is certainly something a little different and I can see how it could be used to say “hi” to new visitors, point out key areas of a site, provide a special offer, or simply thank your visitors for coming. The service does run the risk of becoming annoying to visitors, but there’s thankfully an option to cookie a visitor so they only see it once per session.

I don’t think I’m ready to fully deploy it on Marketing Pilgrim, but you might find a use for it on your web site. The basic service is free and limited to just one video of up to 20 seconds. Other packages provide more options with fees up to $50 a month.

Now, I have to go. I have a strange urge to listen to some Don Ho music. 😉