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Class Action Lawsuit Against Google’s YouTube Adds Plaintiffs

It looks like England’s Football Association Premier League, has found some support in its class action lawsuit against YouTube.

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that France’s tennis federation, a French soccer league and a music publisher have all thrown their hats into the ring.

Federation Francaise de Tennis, Ligue de Football Professione and Cherry Lane Music Publishing Co., which owns rights to music catalogues for artists such as Elvis Presley and Quincy Jones, said in a statement they “join and strongly support” the copyright- infringement claims against YouTube and Google.

I spoke to a journalist about the original filing, a few weeks back, and said that it wasn’t much of a big deal. The English premier league was hardly as significant as Viacom suing Google, and was likely just a way for them to have more power when it came to negotiating a deal. I did warn that if others joined in, it could become more of an issue. Well, others have joined in, ergo, it’s now a big deal.