Posted June 20, 2007 11:35 am by with 2 comments

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It seems like form Disney exec Michael Eisner is determined to make online video his next domain, with the beta launch this week of Veoh TV.

Veoh TV will display both user-generated videos from sites such as Google’s YouTube as well as episodes streamed by major TV networks like ABC and Fox, organizing them in channels much the way a standard TV program guide does.

The free downloadable program will display streaming video full screen, complete with whatever advertising the creator has placed in them. It also will save videos from sites that allow downloading, although it won’t access sites that sell videos.

Now, that sounds like a cool idea. I don’t watch too many YouTube videos – they’re just too hard to find, so I rely on people sending them to me – and Joost is limited to the content providers it has signed up. If I could get a service that had the whistle and bells (and picture quality) of Joost, but could bring in user generated videos AND major TV shows, that could be the killer online video app.