Posted June 22, 2007 10:03 am by with 2 comments

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Yahoo's Board ;-) CNET is suggesting that Yahoo might also see a change to its board of directors, to go along with the switch at CEO. Apparently some investors are questioning the competency of a board that one minute hands Terry Semel a $71 million yearly salary, then hands him a pink slip next.

A number of influential organizations, such as the advisers at Institutional Shareholders Services, think a shakeup isn’t such a bad idea. ISS has taken Yahoo’s board of directors to task for the last two years for Semel’s compensation package, asking that it be tied more to the company’s performance. But the board argued that the package (Semel has reportedly earned $450 million in six years at Yahoo) was justified in order to retain his talent.

“They just furnished a massive compensation package to Terry and then turned around and terminated his tenure. It begs the question about whether there’s some intelligent design behind the program,” said Patrick McGurn, executive vice president at ISS.

If it’s going to happen, better sooner than later. Changing the BOD now would be something the markets could accept and justify – based on the current makeover. Waiting a few months would potentially send a wrong message to the market – that perhaps the current changes hadn’t worked and that Yahoo was still in trouble.