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Digg Starts Responding to Social Networking Challengers

I’ve always warned that starting a new search engine, no matter how unique the offering, is a risky proposition. Even if you do create something different, what’s to stop Google from rolling out the same functionality? If I can get it at Google, why go else where?

The same appears to be holding true in the social networking space. After reporting Monday that Thoof might challenge Digg – as the new site will make it easier to track updates to the story – Digg has taken a (small) step in making it easier to follow conversations. Mashable is reporting the testing of threaded/nested comments, which make it easier to reply to a particular comment – and read the ensuing conversation – than before.

Ok, so this is not the same offering as Thoof – which actually allows users to change the news item itself – but it does show that Digg has the means (and the funds) to evolve quickly enough to keep competitors at bay.

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