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With 16 months until the 2008 Presidential election, we thought it would be interesting to conduct a study of the search engine reputation of current candidates. We examined the first 20 results on Google and Yahoo for the ten Republicans and eight Democrats to see who had the best and worst online reputation.

The results were startling, with only three candidates fully in control of their search engine reputation. Who were they? How did Hillary and Barack fair?

I won’t spoil the surprise, so head over to the 2008 Presidential Election Candidate Reputation Study for the breakdown.

  • You left out Fred Thompson. I realize he’s not “officially” declared (I think that will come next week) but he might as well have. He does very well in the SERPs and a good chunk of that is because of his acting career.

  • @SEO refugee – yeah we left him out of the results because he hasn’t declared, but did look at his reputation. Over Google and Yahoo’s top 20 (40 results) he had 11 positive, 1 negative and 28 mixed. One of the better reputations.

  • I can’t believe that SEO is not one (if not the highest) of their budget priorities. Maybe they are not aware of how long it takes to effect search engine ratings and are waiting for a big push as the election gets closer. Which we all know will be disastrous.

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  • Great study Andy.

    This week I also did a scorecard for the candidates on the SERPs but in AdWords. My results are here:

    Your work highlights even more the need for candidates to improve Paid Search efforts.