Posted June 12, 2007 11:58 am by with 3 comments

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It’s been five weeks since Yahoo shuttered Yahoo Photos in favor of Flickr. Today, Flickr expands into 7 new languages, with another possibly on the way.

Peter Cashmore acknowledges that the expansion has been a little slow in coming. There are now several non-English Flickr facsimiles which will compete with the new Flickrs. The real Flickr has 24 million users (!).

One also has to wonder how well the name “Flickr” will translate into the new languages. Here are my suggestions for some in-language equivalents:

  • French–scintillemnt
  • Italian–tremolre (or better yet, tremlr)
  • German–Schnalzr
  • Portuguese–oscilaçã or flimr
  • Spanish–centeyeo
  • traditional Chinese (Mandarin?) — ?
  • Korean — ?

(Sorry, I can’t do non-Roman characters.)

Don’t you think ‘Schnazlr‘ would totally catch on?

A Japanese version is rumored to be next.


  • Bib

    Although I’m German, I really don’t know what Schnalzr or Schnazlr means 🙂 However, Yahoo send out an email at 1pm today, announcing that new Flickr would be available in German, but there weren’t any changes on till 6pm. Then, it came online with a totally different front page. Looks interesting:


  • Jordan McCollum

    It doesn’t mean anything, just like ‘Flickr’ technically doesn’t mean anything in English. It’s a deliberate misspelling of ‘Schnalzer,’ which I’m told means ‘click.’

  • Im Turkish, and don’t know it supports our locale. Should better check, if not included i would like to help expanding locales.