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Fred Thompson Blogging His Way Into the Presidential Race

I’ve been looking for a presidential candidate that I could find something in common with, and maybe republican Fred Thompson is the man.

Reuters reports that Fred Thompson is one of the few candidates actively blogging and using his blog as a platform for transparency and candid speech.

…Thompson has been the most active campaign blogger by far, and those who know him say he writes nearly everything himself — not always the case in modern politics.

“It’s not that we wouldn’t use all the traditional campaign tools, but what he has seen on the Internet is the ability to directly engage real people and have a conversation,” said Thompson spokesman Mark Corallo.

A promising start, but how good is Fred Thompson at engaging the blogosphere? It’s one thing to write the occasional post, but is Thompson replying to comments and engaging other blogs? His name is all over this post, so we’ll see how well his campaign is tracking blog mentions – maybe we’ll get a comment out of him. ;-)