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Get Your Google Results Hot and Fresh!

How would you like to search Google only for pages that were updated in the last 3 months? Well, thanks to Matt Cutts – ok, so maybe he’s just the messenger – you can use Google’s advanced search options to restrict your search to the newest results.

Previously, I believe Google estimated the age of a url as the last time that we fetched that page. Given how quickly Google refreshes its main index, that didn?t mean quite as much recently. Now for date-based search, Google estimates url ages by the first date that we saw a url.

Here’s an example of the before


And here’s the same search restricted to the last three months



  • horisly

    yes, i notice that.
    google is updating everyday.
    but surfer’s privacy is leaking, is that right?

  • Seo Practices

    So this is another factor I guess will be added to Google’s algorithm to rank sites.