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Last week, when FeedBurner and Google finally confirmed the acquisition. At the time, FeedBurner told us:

Google has a long-standing commitment to protecting the privacy of users’ personal information. FeedBurner users can expect the same high standards of privacy protection following this acquisition. We believe that notice and choice are the foundations of privacy. As such, we are committed to transparency for our end users, and to respecting the choices they make with regards to their privacy preferences. The transition to Google’s privacy policy and the opt-out mechanism we are providing for current FeedBurner users will help us achieve these goals.

In case you’ve missed it, we’re now in the opt-out period for this mechanism. Feel free to opt out–and sacrifice all your data.

Here’s thow to do it (from the FeedBurner login page)

NOTE: Service of FeedBurner publisher accounts will not be interrupted as a result of the acquisition by Google. You will have a 14-day interim period ending June 15, 2007 to opt-out of allowing Google to service your account. If you take no action by June 15, 2007, the rights to your data will transfer from FeedBurner to Google. Opting out will terminate your user agreement with FeedBurner, permanently delete your FeedBurner account, feeds, and all related statistical data and history, and prevent the transfer of your data rights to Google. To opt-out, contact us via, provide your FeedBurner account Username, and request to have your FeedBurner account deleted. We will contact you at your registered email address to confirm your deletion request before completing it.

I’m not much of a conspiracy theorist. I’m not overly concerned about Google collecting my data. But losing all your data if you disagree? At least you can export your data before your account is closed forever. If you’re leaving FeedBurner, be sure to notify your subscribers before you delete your account.

  • Google is gradually becoming the monopolistic behemoth of highly-sensitive data, which will enable it bring in highly-effective predictive information into the advertising business, regardless of its strength in search marketing. Along with Google Analytics, this acquisiton means a lot even with just from the perspective of information sourcing. Having information is the power.

  • Information is powerful, I would agree with Emrecan. However Google’s business *is* the business of information and their growth just means that they become the repository for more and more data. Deal with it!

  • Owen, you’re view seems a bit short sighted to me. I think Emrecan and other people (myself included) are concerned that we’re just going to be told to “deal with it” until the point when it will be impossible to do anything to Google should they go off the deep end or abuse the knowledge and information they gather.

    In a sense, complaining about Google and raising concerns about them IS our way of trying to “deal with it”. Unless Google suddenly gains a serious competitor or the government steps in, we’ll have a serious problem on our hands if we don’t already.