Posted June 8, 2007 10:02 pm by with 4 comments

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Google’s at the acquisition game again this week. According to, Google has acquired computer startup firm PeakStream. According to the article:

PeakStream makes systems designed to run on both computer workstations and computer servers, which are used to manage network services.

PeakStream’s website ( has already been shut down, so there is limited information about the company available. But according to the article, a cached version of the website found through a Google search reports:

PeakStream offers the first commercially available software application platform to help technicians program high performance, multi-core and parallel processing machines.

Google, with its sheer growth and usage, obviously needs as much support as it can get for its worldwide datacenters. Protecting and enhancing datacenter performance is a core issue as more advertisers and users pile on and more websites are indexed each day. Unlike other acquisitions or investments Google has made lately, I do see this one as a legitimate reinforcement to the search backbone that has been the core to Google’s success.

  • I wonder if Google will get into the highly profitable web-caching game (Akamai killer)

  • Well, I suppose if you are trying to take on the world, that needs a lot of computer hardware.

  • Well, It all sounds good. But it still leaves me wondering when will all this acquisition game will stop. Google and others are gobbling up everything up – soon we’ll have google net rather than internet.

  • W. Medina, while your comment has a bit of a sarcastic tone, you might not be that far off. I just read that Google was trying to claim Microsoft was using Vista to create an unfair advantage and I just had to laugh. IMO Google’s gone far beyond “the new Microsoft” status. They’re in a league of their own now.