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Google Engineers Join VC Firm as "Entrepreneurs in Residence"

How would you like to get paid to just sit around and give some thought to what start-up you’d like to do next? Sounds good to me, and it must have sounded pretty enticing to Bret Taylor and Jim Norris, two of the engineers behind Google Maps, as they’ve left Google to join venture capital firm Benchmark Capital.

As VentureBeat reports, the two have joined Benchmark as “Entrepreneurs in Residence”, which basically means they get paid a salary in the hopes they’ll come up with a winning idea that Benchmark can invest in.

[The] two of the masterminds behind Google Maps and several other Google products, have joined the firm as ?Entrepreneurs in Residence.? This gives them paid positions to hang out at Benchmark?s offices on Silicon Valley?s Sand Hill Road and think through starting a business. They have a specific idea in mind, but are secretive about it, telling VentureBeat only that it?s a ?consumer Internet? company.

Well, if they can come up with an idea as good as Google Maps – sans crappy on-foot directions – Benchmark’s made a smart move to snag them now.

  • SEO Refugee Blog

    Wow… how many Googlers leaving does that make this year? Is this the onset of a brain-drain?