Posted June 29, 2007 10:32 am by with 2 comments

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When Google first launched Google Maps I immediately fell in love with the whole “grab and move” concept of navigation – as opposed to the click “north” or “east” to see more approach.

Google’s upped the ante again with a new feature that lets you pick you start and end destination by simply clicking on the map. In addition, once your route is shown, you can drag and drop the “blue line” to switch the roads chosen – handy for when you know a certain road is always busy or is under repair.


Pretty slick! Maybe they’ll add a feature to let you navigate to the exact spot where they took the photo of someone breaking into a house. 😉

  • Google doing great job with introducing Maps to us.

  • Cute .. pity Google Maps don’t cover the Isle of Man at the moment (that’s not an obscure reference, it’s just where i’m living at the moment)