Posted June 27, 2007 10:04 am by with 6 comments

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Google’s made some upgrades to Google Docs and Spreadsheets today, including the addition of folders.

Almost from the day we launched people have been clamoring for folders. They’re here!

Other new additions include new icons, more controls and search that dynamically filters results as you type.

Yeah, so what about folders in Gmail? Many more people have been asking for folders in Gmail and yet we still don’t have that, do we?

I’m about 90% convinced to switch from Outlook 2007 (sooo slow) to Gmail at el. If they could just add folders to Gmail, I’m there!



  • Andy – to a certain extent, folders in GMail would be nice. However, I get by with liberal use of labels. ie, select a label for an incoming message, click ‘archive’, and then it is nicely filed.

    On another note… Why exactly are you using Outlook? Have you considered trying Mozilla Thunderbird?

    I used that for the longest time until my needs changed – it’s fast, lightweight, and makes a heck of a great RSS reader in addition to email.

    Hope my $0.03 helped!

  • I love the new look and feel of G Docs.

    As for Gmail, I am considering using it and just downloading a copy for backup to outlook. I know I go over that 1GB limit sooner or later.

  • I love the new google doc interface. All google needs is a good ToDo/Tasks type of thing to use with the calendar and I will hardly ever leave the domain.

    Jeremy, The gmail limit is up over 2GB these days.

    Andy, I agree with Brian about the labels/folder thing. What is the real difference between a label and a folder? I never understood. They are both the same thing to me. You add a label, then you click on that label to see everything with that label. I don’t really see the difference except that it is easier to apply multiple labels if you really want to than it is to file something in multiple folders.

  • rick gregory

    Folders? Why?? If you are uncomfortable with just searching, you can use labels for everything that you use folders for. If you really need to see folder icons, check out Yahoo mail, but I don’t see what the big thing about folder is when labels are the same basic thing with a different UI.

    In fact Mike brings up a key advantage of labels – a single message can have more than one label. Try that with folders….

  • What if I want to set up a rule to automatically move an incoming mail to a folder, can it handle that?

  • rick gregory


    Yeah, you can do that.

    GMail can automatically label incoming messages with one or several labels using rules. If you want the message out of your inbox, there’s a way to do that as well. Basically, you build a rule that

    1) defines search criteria
    2) applies one or more labels
    3) moves the message from your inbox to the archive

    Labels show on the left sidebar much like a folder list and are bold if there are unread messages with an unread count to the right of the label.

    The reason I like labels is that they’re tags, not categories. If you want messages from a certain person at a client to be marked Urgent and Clients, you can… you don’t have to choose.