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Hitwise reports that Google’s market share for May is 65.13%. While fielding nearly two thirds of all US searches is definitely not a bad thing, Google’s market share didn’t grow over April 2007. In fact, it actually declined 0.13 percentage points. While the amount is minuscule (representing 0.2% of their market share), for the first time in recent months, some of the other major search engines actually gained market share.

Yahoo was up 0.16 percentage points, or 0.8% of their April market share. MSN/Live, like Google, was down, but only 0.06 percentage points (albeit far less than their previous month‘s loss of 0.69 percentage points).

Ask fared the best in growth this month. Perhaps their algorithm commercials are paying off (“chicks with swords” premiered in June). Not only was their numerical growth the largest of any search engine (up 0.23 percentage points), but their relative growth was seven times that of the next largest relative growth percentage. Ask’s numbers were up 5.9% over April’s. Which just goes to show you that when your market share is very small, even very small changes can look huge.

However, only Google had year-over-year growth.

Hitwise’s data:

Search Engine May 2007 Apr 2007 May 2006
Google 65.13% 65.26% 59.27%
Yahoo 20.89% 20.73% 21.95%
MSN/Live 8.40% 8.46% 12.10%
Ask 3.92% 3.69% 4.40%
  • Do they factor in things like Technorati, icerocket, etc. when they come up with those stats? I’m sure it would be a pretty small factor, but I’m curious if those are considered real search engines in reports like this.

  • I suppose Google was overdue for a month where they didn’t grow. April was the month when Google announced plans to acquire DoubleClick. I wonder if the privacy fears have anything to do with the loss.

    And maybe most of us are wrong and the Ask advertising campaign is working a little better than we think.

  • google and yahoo are growing.
    pity for msn.
    microsoft is dropping behind google

  • Jordan McCollum

    @Mike–there are 49 other search engines that Hitwise includes; they receive 1.66% of Maysearches total.

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  • MSN Live’s increase is remarkable. I have no idea how they gain such progress while they obviously are far behind Y! ang Google. Consider this : Live: seo Page 1 of 5,668,469 results
    Yahoo!: 1 – 10 of about 156,000,000 for seo