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I need your help for some research I’m conducting. I’m looking for a great example of a company that launched a public relations campaign primarily using the internet. If you know of any recent examples of campaigns that used online PR and became a huge success, please leave a comment below.

The best example – as judged by me – will get a link added to this post, with the anchor text of their choice (within reason).

Thanks for your help!


Update: Free link goes to Johny X, who wants to donate his link to: Stop Junk Mail

  • Johny X
  • Dave
    Quicken Loans and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

    I’ll be sending you an email soon with a little report of how it was done and the results of the campaign.

  • Would ABC’S “The Lost Experience” count.


    ABC Entertainment’s senior vice president of marketing, Mike Benson, described the game as a hybrid between content and marketing. This type of marketing was previously used by ABC for Lost’s premiere in 2004. ABC created a website for the fictional Oceanic Airlines, the airline of the plane that crashed in the show’s pilot episode.

    The Lost Experience had a ton of tie-ins with Sprite, Jeep, Verizon and

  • Thanks!

    I’ve also noted Coke/Mentos, Budweiser and Dove.

    Please keep them coming.

  • It might be a little controversial (but you like that anyway)

    PayPerPost has been doing a lot of film and TV show PR, but probably the most controversial were some of the HP promotions.

    I have no idea how much of a success they were in sales, but the HP videos caused a lot of controversy, and gained some mainstream press.

  • Nine in Nails (NIN)
    here’s the link matt cutts posted on his blog.

  • Good ideas, thanks. I’ll leave this open to see if we get any more.


    State Farm insurance had these great commercials, one of which showed a guy rock climbing and pulling a boulder off the mountain and it fell onto his truck below. Then the ad said simple “now-what? visit” This is one of my favorite forms of intriguing Guerrilla Marketing.

  • ah i forgot to mention this company has ALOT of videos other than this one, but this one was the most popular and spread across the net like wildfire

  • Came across this example today on “People of the Web”**http%3A//

    Matt Harding did some videos that people like of him dancing in various places.

    Cadbury-Adams picked it up as part of the marketing for “Stride”, sponsored a followup, then an out-takes, and now there seems to be a 3rd series underway.

  • The guys at Farecast did a very strong PR push with all the well known “Linkerati” audience, from their private to public beta launches, securing tons of buzz from the like TechCrunch, BattelleMedia, Consumerist etc.

    The VP of Farecast even went out to thank all the bloggers at Gnomedex, since they were such a large part of Farecast’s success in buzz and awareness building.

  • @Johnny X – I like your suggestion. What’s your link? 🙂

  • Johny X

    Thanks for choosing my suggestion. I don’t use this name to promote myself so let’s give the link to a good cause. I am a fan of a new service called GreenDimes that helps reduce junk mail. BTW, I am not associated with this company in any way. From their site, “For a dime-a-day, GreenDimes will reduce the marketing at your home, help you maintain your privacy and plant a bunch of trees on your behalf.” How about a link to with the anchor text “Stop Junk Mail”? Let me know if that works. Thanks for everything Andy!

    Johny X

  • If you’re looking for great PR stories, check out David Meerman Scott’s new book, “The New Rules of Marketing and PR.” I’m honored to be one of the many bloggers mentioned in the book. David’s inclusion of a lengthy list of resources was a brilliant-PR and marketing-move that everyone can learn from.
    Barbara Rozgonyi, Wired PR Works