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Tweet about this on TwitterShare on LinkedInShare on Google+Share on FacebookBuffer this page held an auction in New York for more than 218 domain names, selling them for a combined $10.8 million!

Many clocked six-figure price tags, far exceeding the industry average of $2,000 to $3,500, according to Matt Bentley, chief strategy officer for, a domain brokerage firm. Two broke the $1 million mark: fetched $3 million and nabbed $1.8 million.

Forbes explains how type-in traffic, Google’s algorithm and a shrinking pool of available names are causing prices to sky-rocket.

If you’re in the search marketing space and might be interested in a domain name that will put your business at the top of Google AND give you a great brand, stay tuned. I have news of a domain name that will be coming to the market very soon.

  • I saw a post over at Frank Schillings pad
    several months ago stating there is a huge disconnect between domain names and the actual prices they are being sold for currently.

    [quote]The entire foundational industry (a vast portion of the visible Internet) could be quickly and easily purchased for under 5 billion dollars .. three years ago it was 3 billion. Compare that stipend to the market cap of GOOG and you see the value disconnect. [/quote]

    [quote]I firmly believe that one day the disruptive technology described within this post will serve to either amplify the value of all domains names into the hundreds of billions, or it will serve to unwind Google’s market capitalization. There is simply too large a disconnect between the value proposition that Google delivers and the unique characteristics (value proposition) of generic domain names for some harmonizing adjustment not to occur.[/quote]

  • I try to understand domain marketing, but no success yet.

  • I am playing with Sedo. And I had bad luck when I bought high expired traffic domain which dropped after I bought. But it was compensated when I sold some nice domain names.

  • Andy

    I dont know why we (people in the SEO business) werent all buying domain names 10-5 yrs ago :s


  • @Clay – doh!

  • oops – I also meant 5-10yrs… not 10-5yrs 😉

  • Nice Domains for SALE!!!

  • That’s too much.. But SEDO is one of the best place to sell domains.

  • I have purchased domains through before and they handled the process well for us.

  • Internet Domain Names for sale-it looks like the whole idea of the ICANN 2003 attempt to keep people from holding Internet Domain Names “hostage” is failing.

  • I don’t think these domains are worth the price if they are not managed well with good contents. A good domain name is useless if it is not optimized for search engines and if doesn’t contain original articles.