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It seems like every time a company does something really innovative (or just gets a lot of press), someone somewhere suggests they’re doing this because they’re planning on going public soon. The rumors—and actual IPOs—are flying thick and fast around the Internet these days. Just this week, we’ve heard the results of comScore’s IPO and rumors of IPOs for LinkedIn and MySQL.

comScore’s IPO results
comScore’s IPO, announced official two weeks ago, has now announced its results. They expected to earn $71M in their IPO, with the recommended stock prices between $14 and $16 a share. Instead, their 5 million shares went for $16.50 apiece, netting $82.5M. Those overachievers. Their stock ticker will be SCOR. Apparently, the market didn’t pay attention to the IAB’s challenge.


LinkedIn: IPO Impending?
This week, LinkedIn appointed a new CFO and announced developer APIs. Naturally, they must be headed for an IPO, right? That’s the conclusion Reuters drew. New CEO Dan Nye expects to pull in $100M as early as next year. They’ve received $30M in backing from Sequoia Capital.

Their new CFO, Steve Sordello, held the same position at TiVo, and prior to that, Ask Jeeves (before the IAC acquisition). They’ve also recruited Patrick Crane from Yahoo to head up their marketing.

This week they’ve drawn lots of comparisons to Facebook, which Nye addressed in the Reuters article:

“LinkedIn is a productivity tool,” Nye said of the site’s no-frills functionalism. “We expect people to come to LinkedIn and accomplish tasks, then move on. We have no intention of becoming a social site. We want to remain focused on productivity that is important for professionals.”

While over the past year, Facebook has been making inroads among business users, Nye said Facebook’s appeal is social, not professional. That said, in the next several weeks, LinkedIn plans to release its own application within Facebook, he said.

Business Week says that open-source SQL database management software MySQL is headed toward an IPO. I’m sure they mean the company, MySQL AB, not the software itself.

MySQL has already started courting investors. It held a 2007 pre-IPO road show in New York and Boston to talk about the company’s brand recognition, sales, and the appetite in the public market for an open-source software company, [MySQL Chief Executive MÃ¥rten] Mickos says. “We’ve gotten good feedback from some of the biggest public investors,” he says.

In addition to monitoring public feeling, they’ve raised $39M privately, making them pretty confident they’ll be able to raise more when they go public.


  • Jordan,

    Great post – I wasnt aware of the comscore IPO or the LinkedIn rumor. Glad I read your post.

    I am finding LinkedIn very useful these days.