Posted June 18, 2007 1:52 am by with 2 comments

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Reuters is reporting a redesign for Microsoft’s MSN for mobile phones.

Microsoft’s new MSN Mobile portal — — offers news, sports information, entertainment features and access to services like e-mail, search, maps and instant messaging all on one page.

When a user accesses the portal, the MSN platform detects the handset and optimizes the site for that device, adjusting things like font sizes for different screens.

Having recently switched to the Blackberry 8830, I’ve found new enjoyment in using my cell phone for mobile apps. While on Oahu, I’ve used it to look up restaurants, find driving directions and even used Google Maps to locate secret filming locations for Lost. There’s no doubt that with the upcoming iPhone about to ignite the mobile browser, 2007 continues to shape-up as the year mobile content finally makes its way towards mainstream.

  • I’ve found that I’m not really interested in a mobile portal. It’s really easy to bounce between bookmarks for the best versions of things like maps, movies, and news on my Treo.

    I love mobile browsing, but I don’t think this is the optimal layout of services from my perspective.

  • let me take a try.