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Mobile technology bridge, Bango, claims that it can provide a unique insight into mobile web usage – measuring the number of user visits to mobile websites from each country.

Latest statistics show a three-fold increase in usage across the US during the last 12 months. Interestingly Bango have indicated that this is a direct result of users hunting down new content and services using mobile search platforms. By April 2007 over 20% of US mobile users were accessing the web – rapidly catching the UK at 27% and overtaking South Africa and India.

Anil Malhotra, SVP of Marketing at Bango, confirms that flat-rate data charges will also play a major role in the growth of mobile web usage.

This is certainly true of the US and South Africa and the imminent introduction of flat-rate data charges in the UK will push up mobile web usage in the UK even further.

InfoSpace announced on Monday (June 4) that it will supply its mCore suite of mobile services to Virgin Mobile’s UK network. The partnership will include the provision of its white label mobile search solution – built on technology from FAST Search, Norway’s leading developer of search technologies and former owner of AlltheWeb.

Nick White, Head of Digital Services at Virgin Mobile, said:

If the impact of the internet on our daily lives, as well as the global economy, has taught the mobile world anything, it is that it’s no longer about searching for the next killer application — search itself is the killer application.

  • Paul – Can you give the link to the story from Bango that gave these stats. I looked at their site but didn’t spot it. Thanks!

  • Mark – No probs – Bango Press Release –

  • Thanks! These are some good numbers to show clients

  • Three-fold growth in 12 months is quite impressive. Information has become valuable, and readily available to the end-user whether via home computer, or mobile device. It is amazing that all of these wireless signals can interact with each other with such minimal interference. Judging by those numbers we can probably expect a continued surge of new users as the market rips open at the seams. What do you think Paul?

  • Am I the only that finds it funny that the United States WAS behind South Africa in mobile Internet usage at one point?

  • Kennith – I think the surge will be more like a tsunami! As soon as content providers start playing catch up on the technology the supply will race to meet the demand.

  • Brian – It is a strange fact – but fixed line penetration has been comparatively poor across the African continent, so mobile technology has driven the uptake of the Internet. Coupled with a booming economy and large youth population it’s perhaps not so surprising that South Africa raced ahead.

  • You would think the U.S. would be number one in everything. We are so far behind technology.