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I’m working on getting my conference coverage in presentable shape. However, in the mean time, there are actually things going on in other parts of the Internet marketing world.

  • Reuters covers widgets–and what they mean to marketing. Not bad for mainstream media coverage. It actually reminds me a little of some of the things we touched on in the social media marketing Q&A.
  • Since we haven’t had enough Yahoo news today, I’ll mention that Yahoo’s given up on search? Plastics Personalization. That’s where it’s at. (Today’s personalization panel did put Yahoo to shame since they collect lots of personal data but haven’t put it to use in personalizing SERPs.)
  • CNNMoney looks at the Facebook platform after the first week. The initial 85 applications has already grown to over 300.
  • Is Microsoft building a secret search engine? Satya Nadella, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft’s newly-created Search & Advertising Platform Group and tonight’s keynote conversation didn’t mention it, but I suppose that’s what makes it a secret.
  • Read/WriteWeb is launching a second blog on its network that might be of interest to our readers: AltSearchEngines, based on Christopher Knight’s series on RWW.

And of course, something exciting that Andy’s covering may well be among the biggest news of the day. Stay tuned.