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Finally, someone really ‘gets‘ bloggers: Traffick reports that the New York Islanders think “the blogosphere can no longer be ignored,” and have created a work area for bloggers. No, not on their website: at the rink. The Globe and Mail reports (see the last section in the article, ‘Hockey blogging’) that they’ll have a workplace in Nassau Coliseum. The Islanders’ VP of Media Relations, Chris Botta, said, “We believe it is a significant new avenue to grow the popularity not just of the Islanders, but of the game of hockey.” If only all industries were so easily persuaded. (Incidentally, during the hockey season, the Islanders run two blogs on their website.)

Loren Baker reports that My Yahoo! Updates With GMail Integration & New Modules. Okay, so really it’s any POP mail client, but Yahoo really is letting its users check their GMail on their My Yahoo page. Do you think this is a good move for Yahoo or not? Clearly, it enables their users to stay on a Yahoo property while accessing GMail, but is there some sort of statement about the relationship to GMail and Yahoo Mail hidden in there?

  • The Islanders are making this Long Island boy proud. Now if they could only last beyond one round of the playoffs…