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No Surprise! Google Takes Early Lead

M:Metrics – consumer consumption yardstick – has released the April 2007 rankings (based on Percentage of Active Reach) of the top mobile Web destinations (aggregated across company owned domains) among Smartphone users in the US…

  • Google (62.48 percent)
  • Yahoo (33.54 percent)
  • Microsoft (33.36 percent)
  • AT&T* (21.22 percent)
  • Time Warner (19.06 percent)
  • Disney (17.00 percent)
  • MySpace/FOX – News Corp (15.54 percent)
  • Sprint Nextel* (15.29 percent)
  • Weather Channel (15.28 percent)
  • eBay (14.19 percent)

and in the UK…

  • Google (30.94 percent)
  • Orange (21.68 percent)
  • BBC (20.90 percent)
  • Microsoft (17.75 percent)
  • Vodafone* (16.79 percent)
  • eBay (13.08 percent)
  • O2* (12.77 percent)
  • 3* (12.67 percent)
  • Yahoo (10.97 percent)
  • T-Mobile* (10.71 percent)

* mobile operators

Using patent-pending technology; M:Metrics monitored messaging, browsing, application and media usage of a proprietary panel of metered Smartphone owners – commenting that owners of these devices consume mobile Web content at up to six times the rate of other handset users.

Smartphone usage is driving the emerging mobile Web… understanding [owners] behavior is key to understanding how to best monetize
the mobile medium

It seems to me that consumers [and I’m one of them!] have become so accustomed to the lightweight user interface of Google that (almost subconsciously – but probably with reason) we have made Google our mobile homepage.

Source: M:Metrics’ MeterDirect Syndicated Measurement Service based on ‘in-tab’ panel sizes of approximately 500 panelists in the United States and 600 panelists in the United Kingdom.

  • Fitness guy

    I havn’t tried the other search engines, but googles small interface is easy to navigate on my phone.

  • Omadsense

    I wish microsoft and Yahoo would have combined to kick googles butt.. dreams…..

  • http://MakeMoneyWebSite Robert

    It seems to me that since Google did the change to LSI, I see more spam sites coming in higher in ranks of search results.

    I’m sure they will figure it out in time, but may lose market share in the process.


  • Jason

    62.48 + 33.54 + 33.36 + 21.22 + 19.06 + 17.00 + 15.54 + 15.29 + 15.28 + 14.19 = 246.96%

    Am I missing something?

  • Paul Bennett

    Jason, numbers are based on ‘Percentage of Active Reach’. Out of 600 UK panelists 30.94% accessed Google domains. 10.97% of the same panelists also accessed Yahoo! domains – meaning there’s overlap.