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Opera has released a beta version, codenamed Dimension, of Mini 4.0 – the company’s mobile browser – bringing the iPhone’s surf and zoom facility (overview mode) to any handset!

Opera Mini 4 - Overview Mode

With a few other goodies thrown in – fuller CSS compatibility and faster (more economical) page loading – both existing users and new alike will be tempted. Check out the demo here.

According to the press release more than 15 million handsets already have the Opera browser installed. Jon von Tetzchner, CEO, thanked the mobile community in advance of the 4.0 beta feedback:

Opera Mini has succeeded only due to the support of the people who have made it the most popular mobile browser available today

I couldn’t help notice in the beta section of the Opera Mini site – a link titled ‘Opera Mini vs iPhone’ – an amusing short promo where Opera takes a digg at the expected pocket investment that Apple fans will face. Worth a chuckle!

  • Jim

    It looks very cool! Up until now I was using skweezer to browse sites with my mobile and recently switched to as a beta tester, but this looks like something that will put new demands on iPhone, or at least for their second release – can’t do much about the coming one.

  • I am getting a new smart phone tonight and I will make sure to download this browser for sure!

  • You are wrong Paul.

    Actually iPhone stole that from Operas Wii browser.

  • True – I didn’t mean to imply that Apple invented the idea – just that it’s part of their pitch.

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  • Ops, my fault 🙂

    imnotadoctor, you can try it with any phone which supports java.

  • asj

    My ode to the Opera Mini 🙂

    Personally, I love the idea of a fast, nimble application for the masses, a no-nonsense, beautifully optimized and crafted piece of software whose function defines its form. If Apple’s iPhone Safari is a tawdry, dressed-up dandy who prances about in voluminous costumes, then Opera Mini is a quiet, earnest, and honest young man who dresses plain, but works hard and fast and gets the job done.

    Perhaps many people share my opinion, because Opera Mini is only a year and a half old, but it has already accumulated some really amazing statistics.

    * It has more than 15 million user downloads.
    * It has served more than 3 billion web pages.
    * It is the most popular mobile browser by far, and it will remain so for the foreseeable future.
    * It has a larger marketshare than some desktop browsers like Mozilla, and even some major desktop browsers like Safari in certain areas of the world.