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Poor old Paris Hilton. She just can’t find justice anywhere — not even in the new Google Universal Search Results. Today I tried a search on the term “Paris Hilton” — a very newsworthy person this week. Here are the results of that search:

Appropriately, news does come up as the first entry for good old Paris. But where are Paris Hilton videos? What about Paris Hilton pictures? Are those not worthy of the first page? Ironically, “paris hilton pics” and the like were not even among the suggested “related” searches. The related results were:

Instead, the related searches presented by Google were (according to the Overture term suggestion tool) less searched than image-related terms. The terms in blue represent the searches for the Google list of “related searches”:

Also note that one of Paris’ related search terms is “Pamela Anderson”. Hmmmm… can you guess the connection here? Other than being blonde “actresses”, what do these two have in common, other than illicit videotape scandals? I imagine there are more recent, relevant searches related to Paris — maybe “Save Paris”? Personally, I think Google Universal Search still has a ways to go to be considered helpful and truly relevant.

  • Our system is broke. The heiress is freed after serving 3 days of the original 45.

  • “Personally, I think Google Universal Search still has a ways to go to be considered helpful and truly relevant.”

    you mean you want Google to help people find pornographic pictures faster?

  • Brian isn’t that why the internet was created?

    And poor Paris. I hope her mysterious illness gets better so she can get back to her jail cell. Anyone want to guess how soon it is before she’s stopped for driving without a license again.

  • haa ha i guess yer right 🙂

  • It is only politics all around. Maybe she knows people from Google and she doesnt want pics on firs sites.

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