Posted June 1, 2007 11:12 am by with 4 comments

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For the benefit of our UK and Australia readers – pinch punch, first of the month

For the rest of us, here’s what’s hot today:

  • I know that we are looking for some new people her ein Dallas Andy. So if any local iCrossing people are reading this, look me up. jeremy [at]

  • Haha. Next time you’re here, we’ll get the champagne in 😉 Thanks for the link…

  • Darren

    Google buys another company…Yawn

    Unfortunately no one remembers history. Although we are all doomed to repeat it. Google is setting itself up to become the hated internet play. Maybe 3 years, maybe 5 years, but we will come to hate Google. Why? For the same reason we hated Microsoft,US Steel, and Standard Oil, too big, too naked.

    It’s a shame that to compete today you are constructing your own gallows tomorrow as you try to protect market share from the likes of Microsoft and Yahoo.

    Maybe the company that is going to topple Google has not been founded yet, but I don’t think it will be another company that does them in. I think the will of the people will be to move away from Google as they become more and more cavalier with privacy concerns. One massive data leak should do it for the people already on the fence while continued invasion of privacy concerns will at some point call for the heads of Schmidt, Brin, & Page.

    I hope however that I am wrong and they realize that the “don’t be evil” motto runs thinner with each product launch or buyout.

    Just one guys opinion


  • @Darren – thanks for sharing your thoughts! We’ll see if Google can keep up the positive image.