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After four months of work and cryptic blog posting, The Economist Group’s small development team have announced their latest project a socially motivated social networking site.

Now known as “Lughenjo” the group have been working on a project who’s aim is to harness the knowledge and skills of The Economist’s readers to help NGOs, Charities & other organizations.

Lughenjo users will be able to answer questions that are posed by accredited international development organizations. Think Yahoo! Answers for good.

It’s an interesting idea, there definitely seems a desire amongst much of society for more ethical businesses. Aid & debt relief certainly has a part to play in international development but by using business skills & acumen, many in the developed world have in spades, we can make a small amount of individual effort which can collectively accumulate into a huge positive influence on the developing world.

It’s a for-profit business, so whether they company will be able to manage their charitable intentions with commercial responsibility will prove interesting, but definitely an innovative development for old media company in the digital world.

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