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Scott Hendison asked Matt Cutts why he had pulled up a webmaster’s list of owned domain names, when conducting a site review at a previous conference. Does Google’s algorithm consider your other domain activities?

  • Yea I agree with Scott. I can’t imagine google not assessing whether you own other domains, in some fashion or another, and then using that data algorithmically.

    Matt Cutts: “Yea we just want to know the web saviness of webmasters”

    Is he serious?

  • dnn

    I have a few domains, i wonder the answer.

  • It seems too easy to register under different names so this shouldn’t be a problem.

    So if a bad domain can hurt your other domains, can a great one help them out?

  • I don’t really see how it’s any of Google’s business really. I mean rank the site on the site’s merits. If I have the most useful site in the world but also run 100 other shady sites, how does it help Google’s users (and remember, it’s all about the users right?) for Google to penalize my one good site?

    Great video quality Andy and team but the audio was rough. Probably didn’t help that it was crowded and probably noisy but it was pretty shrill at points.

  • Frank Antonellis

    Out of curiousity, was there anyone who attended this session that had a different or the same take on Matt Cutt’s reaction to Scott’s question? I wasn’t there so it would be interesting to know if other attendees had the same impression.

  • Hmm never thought about this until now. Wonder if I should cancel some of my domain names??

  • I wouldn’t panic. I would imagine they’re not actively checking the domain names owned by every webmaster. However, seeing as it was one of the first things Matt looked at, when doing a site review, I would imagine they use it as an indicator for any site already flagged for spam.

  • Andy, that’s exactly what I was going to say. And with the services like out there which allow us webmasters to do quite a bit of investigation it’s no doubt that google has a lot of data at it’s disposal algorithmically, which I think ultimately has to only amount to tipping off spam sites. I say this because we proxy hundreds of domains for our clients and we’d definitely know if our proxy ownership were impacting their bottom line.

  • Thing about domain ownership is that services like GoDaddy are pushing the whole “register your domain anonymously so people don’t bug you with spam” idea. So there’s no guarantee that domain ownership contains anything valuable. My money’s on them not checking it.

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  • I have been reading about that now for a couple of weeks. Is it true that Google Almighty changed its sacred algorithms again?

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