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Rumors are flying thick and fast about what “really” happened in the Yahoo Shakeup. Was Semel forced out? He says no. Is Yang really an interim CEO? He says no.

Susan Decker (yeah, I figured repeating that unfortunate quote once a week was enough) also announced that the level of management that she was just promoted from will be no more. Much of their December reorganization will be undone and department heads will be done away with.

paidContent has an audio recording of a conference call with Decker and Yang discussing the leadership changes. Decker says she thinks that Yahoo has become more integrated and competitive in the last year, and her reorganization will continue that trend.

What do you think? Will Yahoo truly head in a new direction with new leadership? And where should they head? Andrew Goodman had some interesting suggestions for Yahoo’s direction, among them:

  • Acquire major businesses in local search, domain registration, etc.
  • Partner with Microsoft and mobile providers.
  • Reaffirm your commitment to search:
  • Finally, I’m still waiting for you to implement my suggestion to make the home page just the plain search box for a month. What a great publicity stunt this would be. The world’s largest search company pulled that stunt starting in 1998. C’mon Jerry! August is Search Month for Yahoo! You can do it! You’re the Chief!

What do you think? Where should Yahoo go next?

  • Yahoo should fix Yahoo TV. They messed it up with too much javascript and unnecessary clunkiness. They also need to unite their properties. Everything is so spread out.

    We also forget that Yahoo started as a directory, not a search engine.

  • Yahoo needs totally fixing

  • Something tells me they’re going to continue in the same direction they have been. I’d like to see them doing something more with all the social media properties they now control. What they should do, I’m not sure, but I think they have some assets they could put to good use.

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