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Basically, these are the stories that are too short for their own post, but still deserve some mention:

  • Ahead in the polls: Hitwise reports that Fred Thompson has become the most sought-after Republican presidential candidate–at least in search engines. He has the highest search volume, increased 82%, of all the candidates last week, beating out Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani and John McCain. And the other 50 guys in the race. Hitwise doesn’t mention, however, that this is probably because Thompson announced his intention to become a candidate last week. (Personally, I have this knee-jerk urge to vote for him because I’m a rabid Law & Order fan. Isn’t that a little sick?)
  • Web analytics needs better support: The Web Analytics Association reports on the findings of their new study. 82% of web analytics professionals think their companies do not fully understand what their web analytics mean and 56% say web analytics is difficult–even though most respondents had >2 years of experience. The full study is available for free from Eric T. Petersen’s Web Analytics Demystified. (via)
  • The torch is passed: Kevin Ryan joins Incisive Media as VP and Global Content Director of Search Engine Watch and Search Engine Strategies. Lee Odden asks Kevin whether he thinks he’ll fill Danny Sullivan’s shoes and other questions.
  • TJ

    “(Personally, I have this knee-jerk urge to vote for him because I’m a rabid Law & Order fan. Isn’t that a little sick?)”

    – Yeah, that’s pretty sick. How bout’ you vote for the candidate that most upholds his oath to the Constitution, the one who most protects your rights and privacy?

    That ain’t Fred, honey. It’s RP.

  • Jordan McCollum

    Well, thanks. After all, Paul gained the respect of people as friendly and reasonable as the Digg community.

  • Mr

    Heh. While TJs comment DOES show him as a major toolbag, don’t allow it to put you off Ron Paul completely. While Paul has undoubtedly got a lot of things wrong, he’s certainly had some of the most intelligent debate speeches so far.

  • Mr

    PS. Your original comment had a lot more hit to it Jordan 😛