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Udi Manber Explains Google’s Search Developments

Sean Ammirati has a good summary of Google VP Udi Manber’s presentation at Supernova. Here’s what caught my attention…

  • 20-25% of all search queries seen by Google, have never been seen before!
  • They’re getting better at semantics. They know that ‘GM’ stands for ‘General Motors’, while ‘GM foods’ is actually ‘genetically modified.’
  • They’re getting better at helping you refine your search. For example, if you query ‘Types of dogs’ it will give results, but also suggests ‘breeds of dogs’ as a better search.
  • They’re getting better at learning search intent. When you search for ‘bellagio pool pictures’, they know you really do want more images in the results.
  • They’re also getting better at language translation.

Some interesting stuff – especially the part about 25% of all search queries being new. I wonder if that number is increasing – due to more uses – or decreasing – as Google sees more and more queries.


  • Googly Eyed

    Try “types of dogs” on Compare.

    Then we will talk.