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I’m excited to announce a new sponsor to Marketing Pilgrim – AdWords Tycoons!

If you’ve struggled to make any decent revenue using AdWords, these guys are offering to share their wealth of information and teach you the techniques that helped them make $500k a month!

I’ve not yet seen their training package, but I hear it includes over 5 hours of video tutorials and software that tracks the AdWords network.

They’re only taking on a limited number of “students” so they advise early registration.

If you’d like to advertise on Marketing Pilgrim, please email me. We have one 125×125 premium slot coming available on a first-come, first-served basis.

UPDATE: I’ve now received the videos from AdWords Tycoons and they’re nicely done. After a quick review, the content appears to be relevant, informative and especially useful to those that are new to AdWords. If you’re looking for training that is beyond what can be found in a book, but are not yet ready to hire a consultant, the AdWords Tycoons video series is a great choice.

  • Mauricio

    Are you sure about these guys? Sounds and looks like the typical get-rich-quick-schemes that are all over the place.

  • @Mauricio – I’ve not used them, but they’re going to send me details of their course. In the meantime, take the post above as an announcement of a sponsor. I’ll let them chime in with more details.

  • Is it that difficult to find sponsors that you will accept a paid post from some guys claiming to make $500k a month without first seeing their training materials.

    How long would have taken to either:
    1) determine these guys know their stuff and are worthy of being advertisers.
    2) this is another rip-off scam artist who is hoping to con your readers out of money.

    If it is the latter, how long do you really expect your readers to continue to think of you as a valuable source.

    I hope you got paid well for this, as I suspect this will cost you some RSS feeds.

  • @Diorex – do you think every publisher personally uses the products of their advertisers? Their materials are not yet available, so I couldn’t have reviewed there stuff anyway – hence I didn’t make an endorsement. The post merely welcomed them as an advertiser.

    I’d like to think our readers enjoy the great content we offer. If they want to use the services of an advertiser, I’d also like to think they would be smart enough to do their own due diligence.

  • noach


    People like Diorex are the loser type. They have dreams but they afraid to take risks.

    He (and also me) haven’t seen the AdWords Tycoons package yet, but he already has a negative opinion about it? why? i don’t know, maybe as an excuse to his fears or skimpiness.

    I’m going to take this package, and if i will think it doesn’t worth it, i’ll send it back.

    BUT, if this package do worth something in relative for it’s price, than i took another step to my richness.

    They key for wealth is taking risks and learn from that. the other way is to stay at home and slander about almost everything.

    THANK YOU Andy for letting me know about this package. I’ll write about it once i get it and learn it.


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