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By Brittany Thompson

Yesterday, YouTube visitors were greeted with a message hinting that a new mobile feature was “Coming Soon.” Today, YouTube unveiled not one but TWO new features: YouTube Mobile and YouTube Remixer.

The new services were first noticed in two separate forum discussions over at Google Blogoscoped. The first post highlights the new YouTube Mobile technology, which is available at I hopped over there to check it out and was greeted by an ominous warning page, which cautions users to “upgrade to an unlimited data plan” with their cellular companies before using YouTube Mobile. (While the YouTube service itself is free, cellular companies usually charge for the data transfers.)

I was almost frightened away – but somehow, I gathered the nerve to investigate deeper. I gulped and, with sweaty palms, I chose to “Continue” and… I’m proud to report that nothing dreadful happened. There were no explosions that I’m aware of. Instead, I was greeted by a black page, full of YouTube videos that can be sent to your cell phone or other mobile device.

Keep in mind that YouTube has not finished uploading its mobile videos. There are files on that are missing from YouTube Mobile. Also, there seem to be a few compatibility issues. TechCrunch reports that Canada’s Fido MMS can’t handle the large file transfers (this hasn’t been fully tested so far, so if anyone with Fido manages to get this to work, please let us know!).

Blogoscoped members have reported that several other mobile devices, including Palm Treo and 3G phones. My provider is offering free video messaging tomorrow, so guess what I’m going to spend Father’s Day doing?

The second discussion announced YouTube’s Video Remixer, which allows YouTube members to add effects (such as transitions), titles, and other elements.

I logged into my YouTube account, eager to test it out, but it appears there are still a few bugs. I was unable to get the Remixer to load, and this seems to be a common problem. Over at Blogoscoped, “Ionut Alex. Chitu” was not impressed. “It’s slow, you get an error every 30 seconds, you can’t add sounds, you can’t add your images, select a sequence from a video, [or] add text…”

Despite the bugs and the hit-or-miss availability of the new service, some YouTube members have been very satisfied with the service. Blogoscoped member Tony Ruscoe commented, “The Video Remixer seems to work quite well for me. I didn’t get any errors and the videos were no slower than YouTube usually is.”

I’ll give it another shot later this evening, to see if I can have any luck.

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