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DMNews has details of a new study from Middleberg/Ross entitled ? The Seventh Annual Middleberg / Ross Survey of Media in the Wired World: Journalists Use of Internet at All-Time High.? – just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it? 😉

It’s not too surprising that 98% of journalists use the web daily as part of their search for news – the other 2% still don’t believe this internet thing will ever catch-on.

Here’s what else the study revealed about journalists:

  • 92% use the web for article research
  • 81% are using search engines
  • 76% use the web to find news sources and experts for stories – ooh, pick me, pick me!
  • 73% of journalists use the web to find press releases – wait, why are we using newswires then?
  • 81% of print journalists find ideas on the web
  • Andy, any way you can get an interview with one of the “2%”? I’d be curious how they function.

  • Yeah really…what are the other 2% doing?

  • @Todd – I probably couldn’t get a pulse, let alone an interview. 😉

  • I recently had to do some research on the internet for a university project. The thing is that they still don’t consider the web to be an accurate source of information. It’d be cool for Wikipedia to have some sort of CREST for the most important articles stating that it’s been aproved by and that it can’t be further altered.

    Just my 2 cents.

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  • The concern to me would be that there are many sources online or skechy, and the net s clutered with blogs that only really point to ther main sources – so reaserching can be difficult.

    on my site i try to create my own articles and give plenty of resources or i get permission to post legitimate articles.

  • The problem is, the web is so full with crap. It is not easy to really discriminate true info from fake ones. Of course, the web sites of respectable magazines are not in this category. Yet a researcher can drop by many personal web sites, of course most of them via search engines. Maybe search engines could have a priority model for reliability of knowledge besides pr values. But who would decide on that?..

  • To be honest, nothing really suprising there. I mean, what the heck are you going to find in the world that’s not on the internet. XD

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