Posted July 24, 2007 8:22 pm by with 8 comments

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Just a heads-up that if you happen to visit the newly launched MySpace Mexico, your future visits to MySpace may well default to Spanish.

Imagine my surprise to find this waiting for me at


  • Bushido

    Damn those cookies! hehe

  • Owen

    Maybe they’re being bought up by a Mexican company 😉

  • TextAdSearch

    Or if you are using Firefox just delete the myspace cookie.

  • Andy Beal

    @TextAdSearch – strangely, I tried that and it still showed the Mexican version. I ended up clicking to the main MySpace site and that fixed it.

  • Steven Bradley

    Andy I’m surprised clearing the cookies didn’t work. I would think that’s how they were checking your preferred language. I suppose it could have been a cache thing or even IP tracking.

  • david

    iiimmmmm ssoo innn loveeeeeeee wwttt;sophiaaaaaaaaaaaaa hernandezzzzzzzzz

  • david

    iii lovee sophiaaa hernandezzzzzzzzzzz

  • david

    i love sooophiaaaa i think she is confident,pritty,trust,weirddddddd,&&&moree….but she is aall i needd andd aall i want
    im so in lovveee witth her