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Tweet about this on TwitterShare on LinkedInShare on Google+Share on FacebookBuffer this page moves on to the next chapter of its overpriced life, with R.H. Donnelley acquiring the company for a reported $350 million – in line with what we reported in June.

paidContent reports…

The auction was heated, and initially included IAC, New York Times, DJ and News Corp. IAC didn?t end up bidding, News Corp dropped out as the price went above $300 million, Dow Jones couldn?t pull it together in the wake of all the turmoil with News Corp bid, and New York Times was in there until late in the game.

RHD already published a good number of the yellow pages that land on your doorstep and maintains many online versions too. Out of those that bid, RHD appears to have the most in common with, so it’s not surprising they stayed in the bidding until the end.

  • this doname’s owner is a great guy.

  • is an excellent B to B vertical engine. Hopefully this deal will lead to an expansion of its network and services to advertisers.

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  • The Premium Vertical Land grab of the 21st century is over. Time to let these vacant lots turn into skyscrapers of strategic vertical location. the speed of social change and search as we know it will be unfathomable.
    certain things stick out on this planet and the generic term is one of the greatest. You can compare it to the sun. A huge mass that needs no explanation and is seen and felt in the hearts and minds of the world on a daily basis. what is the value of the sun if you could put your ad sign on it. Your absolutely right…………….. Priceless.

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  • $350 Million? You know, I get a shiver up my spine when I near numbers like this.

    350,000,000… For a domain name! A non-physical object.