Posted July 5, 2007 11:28 am by with 15 comments

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Woke up this morning to find had been hacked and defaced. I don’t see any malicious code being inserted, only this note shown below replacing of all pages. Hopefully nothing more than the blog was affected and he is able to get the previous contents back up. I am wondering if this is the same person as before or just another random idiot.

Haxed hahahahahah

Black hat this, ****.

Update: Per comments by DaveN below, the site was moved and not hacked. He just enjoys humorous placeholder pages.

  • Are SEO sites gonna become the new “big” hacker targets?

  • Looks like its back up.

  • Hmmm, from work I still get the page saying it’s hacked but if I use a proxy I get his site with a new design. By the way love the new design.

    So was the hacked page just a place holder from Dave while the new site was launched and if so why do I still get it from my ip but not from others.

  • OK I may have been completely off. I think the IP up at work may have been denied and that page tossed up because I can’t find anyone else who can see the page except people in our building. Not sure why that would happen though as I’m not running any bots on his site.

  • dam.. we only put that up for like 3 mins while we waited for the dns to update..

    it was on 1and1 and the server was under a lot of attack, it was a move it or been hacked lol , so we moved IP addresses..

  • Ahhh ok now that makes sense. The DNS hasn’t propagated on our end yet so we still get the old page.

  • Dave, take it as a compliment! Jeremy likes your site so much he checks it every three minutes! 😉

  • He’s supposed to be checking it every 60 seconds! 😉

  • HAHA..

    I have had a few emails has well lol

  • I don’t need to check it every 60 seconds. I have an implant that lets me know when any page I select on the net changes. So basically earlier I hear Scarlett Johansen’s voice (yep I can select which voice the implant uses) say “Jeremy, DaveN has just updated his site for you.”

  • Jeremy where can we get that implant? I think it would save me a lot of time. Will it be available as a widget or plugin I any time soon? I hope the install is smooth and I encounter no problems implanting the chip in my head.

  • I was getting the same page as Jeremy all morning long and am glad to see it wasn’t a real hack and love the new design

  • wow.. this stuff always shocks and impresses me at the same time some how..

  • Aidan B

    That’s the most inventive link-bait I’ve seen for a while!

  • if it was link bait i would have left it till next week to put up the new site… But I did think about doing that as well… so 😉