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eBay’s moving and shaking—today they unveil the Firefox/eBay browser, designed to make your online auction shopping a more pleasant experience. I know what you’re thinking: I need to L@@K at this NWT, NIB browser, NO RESERVE!!!! (You’re not? Okay, then just pretend you were.)

This comes just one day after eBay partnered with Yahoo for a new browser toolbar that features special alerts and auction searches. Similarly, the Firefox browser features enhanced eBay auction features:

Be a better bidder
You’re always securely signed in so you can check out your progress ever you like. Customise your alerts so you stay on top of your bids. Be told when an auction style format listing you’re bidding on is about to end.

Get updated, instantly
Never miss the eBay action. No matter where you’re browsing, and whatever you’re doing online, you can get an at-a-glance update on all your eBay activities: watching, buying or selling.

Safer browsing
You’re safer with the Firefox Companion. You’ll know you’re on a genuine eBay page and not a spoof site or lookalike. When you’re using Firefox you’re also at less risk from pop-up ads, spyware and other web threats.

The specific features include:

  • an eBay Button to make sure you’re never more than a click away from eBay. Oh good.
  • eBay Companion Sidebar is like having My eBay right in your browser. ‘Cause you gotta keep an eye on your Watched Items.
  • eBay Alert Box. A cute little pop up to let you know if your watched item’s auction is about to end or if you’ve been outbid.
  • Want more interruptions? Try eBay ‘Glow’ Alerts to let you know, for example, when your bid’s been automatically increased.
  • Fortunately, you do have Total Control over “what alerts you receive and how you receive them. Customise your experience in the preferences section.”

I know, I know, many people will find these features extremely useful. I’m calling each one of your spouses, though, and telling them to hide your credit cards, cancel your PayPal and clear your cookies.


  • You appear to be too fluent in eBay shorthand. 😉

  • Jordan McCollum

    I just bought you a lovely gift on eBay… are you saying you don’t want it? 😉

  • The problem with Firefox is that it consumes many of the computer’s memory resources. Adding plugins like this one you’ve mentioned, stumble uppons, etc. makes everything go even slower. They really should make the software lighter.

  • I might finally get my mother-in-law to switch from IE. She runs a little eBay business now that she is retired.

  • I gotta say, I use firefox and I love it!.. i perfer it over IE – but i do agree that its a memory hog. I wish they would do something about that.

    just my 2 cents

  • Does IE 7.0 use up memory like Firefox? I always thought that was a problem with having 27 tabs open. The data from those tabs has to be stored somewhere.

  • I don’t notice it on IE 7.0 to be honest with you… it doesn’t seem to hog that much memory.. firefox uses up that memory even with one tab.. so i don’t know what the deal is..

  • … but firefox did have an issue with memory leaks a few months back where the memory would just grow and grow.. they’ve fixed the issue with it growing forever, but they still have to fix the problem with it being too high 🙂

    .. still a terrific browser though!

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