Posted July 18, 2007 10:55 am by with 1 comment

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Hitwise’s Heather Hopkins has analyzed the search frequencies for “facebook” and the data suggests the social network could soon overtake MySpace in the UK.

Here’s how the search numbers for “facebook”,”myspace” and “bebo” look:

Bebo is still kicking-butt, but you can see Facebook has overtaken MySpace. Now let’s look at actual market share in the UK.


Both Bebo and MySpace are losing steam. Meanwhile, Facebook continues to grow its audience.

Any predictions on if and when Facebook will trump MySpace?

  • I think Bebo has the U.K On lock. They have a good percentage of users already. I think Myspace won’t catch on too well in the U.K. because of the cultural differences and most Myspace Users are here in the U.S